e martë, 20 nëntor 2007

Eat And Look Great Doing It!


'Christmas 101' Rick Rodgers. Like many people, I often dread the holidays because of the time demands. Not only is this a great cookbook (we have already tried some of the soups on some chilly nights here on the West Coast) heheheheh, but it also gives solid ideas on how to manage your time during this season. I especially liked some of Rodgers' "time-out" suggestions for adults--little hints to make us stop and savor a moment or two. I know that this will get us through Christmas as well as a busy New Year's Eve & Day!
'Fit & Female' by Geralyn Coopersmith. I never thought a fitness book could be so entertaining. This eBook has great advice and it is given in a very humorous way. I read through the introduction of her book so fast that my eyes couldn't keep up with me. I couldn't wait for the next line to know more about this real life story laced with struggles and successes alike. Jam Packed with motivation and inspiration; it's a real sense of "touch down". A relief from the crazy world wind of unhealthy fad diets, magic pills and empty promises that bombard us every day. I couldn't resist putting a fitness type book review in with my Cooking selection. How predictable, but still both these eBook Titles are Great! Check below for the Coupon Code to Receive a Discount on either of these two eBooks…

Christmas 101 eBook edition by Rodgers, Rick
Everyone knows that the holidays are hectic—but Rick Rodgers, cooking teacher and bestselling cookbook author, knows that they don't have to be. Christmas 101 offers the busy cook carefree ways to entertain with surefire recipes of old favorites, menus, timetables, make-ahead tips, and more.
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FIT & FEMALE (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Coopersmith, Geralyn
Are you an apple or a pear–or is there even more to it? A top fitness expert and certified personal trainer throws out the one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and helps women craft programs based on their unique body types. Mixing science with fitness, Geralyn Coopersmith has found an easy way for any woman to identify her body type (endo-apple, meso-apple, ecto-apple, endo-pear, meso-pear, or ecto-pear) and, based on that type, find the nutrition and exercise program that is right for her.
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