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We Are All Too Busy, But Running, Running Out Of Time


'Don't Let "IT" Get You!, by Joy Ohayia. There is yet another book about Health, Fitness, Mind & Body. However, this eBook takes on a much different approach that I found very helpful. I already eat well, exercise regularly, read labels etc. but I find myself Stressing out trying to find the Me time to take care of myself with all the other daily priorities in my life. I found this book, (Actually, this book found me, but that's another story) and read and read, I couldn't put it down. The basic idea of this eBook is that it try's to encourage physical and emotional health that you can maintain on a daily basis. We will see if it works for me!?
'The MidLife Health Guide for Men' by Chris Rao M.D.. Ok, here it is. Since I wanted to feature a Health & Fitness driven eBook for Women I thought I would do so for my counter parts as well. I have to admit that I have not read The Midlife Health Guide for Men. I picked this book solely on the "published" date. It is new. Here is a chance for SOMEONE to read this book and give it a review. Here is the challenge, I will give a discount to anyone who writes a review on this title. Just go to The MidLife Health Guide for Men Wite your review and tell me what you think, and receive a discount on your next eBook. Don't forget to get the Coupon Code below to receive a discount on either of these two titles.

Don't Let "IT" Get You! (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Ohayia, Joy
As soon as your "me time" arrives.your phone rings, the kids are yelling for your attention and dinner needs to be cooked! Joy truly understands the many hats women wear on a daily basis. She shows us how to create a healthy lifestyle in the midst of competing priorities. Don't Let "IT" Get You!, provides strategies around "Its", a personalized workout routine, meal plan and endless tips on dining out, reading labels, portion control and so much more! After 20 years of holding executive level positions in Fortune 500 companies, Joy decided to live her dream. She boldly addresses the fact that sometimes we have to start over and she did! Joy is a certified Wellness Consultant, who specializes in the areas of Nutrition and Personal Training; also called "The Perfect Combination". Don't Let "IT" Get You!, is Joy's personal story of achievement. She boldly shows us how to breakthrough obstacles and people who hinder us from health and happiness. This complete guide encourages physical and emotional health. Its goal is to inspire all women to achieve and maintain a fit and healthy life
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The MidLife Health Guide for Men (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Rao MD FAAFP, Chris G
Dr. Chris Rao, MD, FAAFP, is constantly reminded of the ravages that Father Time inflicts upon us. Midlife presents a window of opportunity because of its unique challenges and changes. Most men are at the top of their game, yet may be experiencing many subtle, early stages of disease. Confused about all the latest health news? Don't be. To prevent such age-related illnesses, Dr. Rao helps empower you to take control of your best asset in life-optimal health. It's what you and your doctor don't know that can hurt you! Discussed are the truths about · Diets, exercise, and supplements · Detoxing your way back to health ·Testosterone, HGH and all hormonal replacements The best gift you can give yourself and loved ones is a long and healthy life, right? Don't just sit there, get moving on it. From addressing that middle-age spread to a decline in sexual performance, Dr. Rao's preventative approach will give you the knowledge to improve your healthspan.
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